GROM designed DashLinQ for your driving life.

This App makes it easy and safe to use your Smartphone while driving. It reduces your distracted driving risk and enriches your road life experience.

DashLinQ is car driving mode dashboard app for Android. Its intuitive interface make it simple to navigate music, start driving directions or a phone call. Spotify, Web Radio, and Google Music plugins are available through DashLinQ.

When used with Bluetooth connection, DashLinQ creates an “Android Auto” experience in your car.

More Improvements

for Your Driving Life

DashLinQ car mode interface consists of 23 shortcuts, weather, time, and voice control activation button. You will set up the shortcuts for quick access to the most essential apps and shortcuts while on the road.

Voice Control Activation (VCA) allows you to control DashLinQ with your voice instead of your hands. With Voice control you can activate the phone calls and navigation.

With just one swipe on the screen you can open enlarged media player control buttons to control currently playing music.

DashLinQ offers its unique plugins for Web Radio, Spotify, Google Play and stored music players, as well as “Where is My Car” plugin to find your last parking location.

Voice Control Activation(VCA) allows for

the following actions with your smartphone

  • Activate and use GPS navigation
  • Call to your phone book contact

Direct Dial shortcuts allow for simple and swift phone number dialing. Make quick calls without taking your focus off the road! Perfect for important calls that you have to make happen, even when traffic is your life.

SMS Read Aloud lets you to listen to the incoming text message or simply dismiss it.

Traffic/GPS gives you a quick access to road navigation services to get you to the right destination.

Here is How DashLinQ Makes Your Driving Life Better!

Other Key Features:

  • Full GROM HW integration (
  • Home button mapped to DashLinQ while DashLinQ is active (Car Mode)
  • Sticky icons: Screen Lock, Brightness (in Settings)
  • Voice command button
  • Third party music players integrated for 4.4+
  • Weather information for Current or selected location
  • Large and contrast Clock
  • Activate app via Bluetooth or GROM connection automatically
  • Keep screen on while connected to power (optional)
  • Metric or Imperial units
  • Full screen mode with only most essential notifications enabled

Music Plugins Overview:

Music plugins for third party music players are available for 4.4+ Android:

Web Radio: browse the stations by region, genre, type of music. Add stations to the favorites, record favorites pieces to access them later.
Spotify (paid account required!): Browse by Stations, charts, New Releases, Genres and Moods, Your Music. Search via voice or type-in.
Google Music (only purchased or uploaded via Music Manager!): browse by playlist, album, artist. Search via voice or type-in.
Local (stored on the phone) Music: browse by Folders, Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs. Search with voice or type-in.