MST3 does not recognize android or ios neiher usb audio

Hi , bought grom in my car (volvo xc90) 3 years ago. With music via usb flash drive wasnt never problem. But if i want use my previous phone ( HTC ONE m7) was the problem, aalinq worked only sometimes, I had to experiment with usb toggle and sometimes succeeded. I thought it was an error htc. But now I bought samsung note 3 and It does not work at all. I tried other smartphones -  Iphone 6 plus, note 4..... tried all options - usb debugging on- of, turn on-turn off thousand times, always newest firmare, also tried usb audio per usbconfig file and nothing helps.
Please what should i do? Where can be a problem, though earlier it sometimes succeeded but not now? I'm disappointed, i wanted usb audio, but can only use flash drive   :(
Thanks for help
  • Is this a MST3 or MST3P?
    What is batch number to the unit? This will be on sticker bottom of the unit.

    Please check what firmware version is currently on the GROM unit.
    To check firmware version switch to USB mode of the GROM. While playing music from USB connected device i.e. USB flash drive, Android or Ipod/iphone (USB3/MST4 only).
    Unplug from USB port. The track number will change and show current version number of Firmware.

    Also please note MST3/MST3P does not support Iphone or Ipod through USB connection

  • Hi, thanks for reply.
    BL/FW 13/44
    Tomorrow i will dismount dashboard and check unit number
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