5 Things You Should Know in Mobile Tech and Car / Driving for March

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The wet month of March has probably not been a fun time to commute. Many may have turned to their car for help and distraction while sitting in traffic. Luckily, it has been a great month for car tech, especially with connected car announcements. Here are some of the highlights for this month:

1. Ford is teaming up with Amazon and Starbucks for an Infotainment Coffee Break.

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Ford vehicles equipped with Sync3 infotainment system can now access Amazon to order coffee from Starbucks. This is great for when you need to get to work quick and have just enough time to get dress. According to Tech Crunch, Ford CEO Mark Fields says he sees Ford as a “mobility company” more than car manufacture. It looks like this may just be the beginning for Ford.

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2. SDB has just announced their 2017 nominees for Autonomous Car Awards.

SDB is a global research think-tank for connect car technology. They are looking to promote the over-achievers in connect car tech and are eyeing some impressive innovations. Look for nominees for the following categories: Flagship Model, Active safety, Real-world experience, and Visionary leader.

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3. NVIDIA and Bosch are teaming up the to build the next generation AI for self-driving cars.

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Source: ETC-USC

A lot of computation power is needed for artificial intelligence to sense surroundings, navigate the world in 3D, and find themselves on a HD map. That’s just the start! Both companies have their work cut out for them.

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4. Two U.S. Senators are looking to improve cybersecurity in your cars.

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Senators Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have just reintroduced a bill that will protect drivers and their cars from cyber threats and hackers. They are determined that all data collected through electronic systems in your vehicle are not accessible to people who shouldn’t be looking at them.

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5. Tesla is getting ready to introduce their first economy electric car.

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Source: wikipedia.org

Okay, the car will cost around $35,000; however, this is Tesla and an electric car, so in many ways it is an economy vehicle considering what you’re getting. The Model 3 will offer a minimum of 215 miles of range. The car will feature Tesla’s Autopilot, a semi-autonomous self-driving system. The car is a stunning four door sedan with four doors and five seats. Get ready for the next step in car evolution!

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