8 Reasons to Get Excited about Connected Car Systems

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Connected Car technology is quickly developing as cars are becoming more than a means of personal transportation. The great thing about this trend is that the technology is looking to make everyone a better driver and the road a safer place to travel through.

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When one starts thinking about connected cars, it is easy to get lost in all the features and systems available. It is fun to consider the possibilities. Here some important and fun facts about connected car technology to get you started:

  1. The Mazda Eunos Cosmo was the first car to be equipped with onboard GPS navigation in 1990: Though the technology was still in its infancy, drivers did have the opportunity to use a system on their dashboard to provide navigation within the limitation of the technology of the time.

1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo | source: commons.wikipedia.org

  1. The fist connected car system was develop by General Motors in partnership with Motorola: The system was called OnStar and was develop during a time before cellar phones were not reliable. Owners could contact call centers during emergencies or accidents to alert first responders.
  1. Connected Car systems can share usage and condition data: These vehicles may be able to share information with other vehicles, toll booths, and various other sensors. Such information can be sent back to manufacturers for performance reporting or by traffic infrastructures for safety reporting.
  1. Connected Car systems can act as “hotspots”: These vehicles can provide internet access for occupants of the vehicle and other nearby individuals that have access. They can act as wireless transmitters providing internet and other connectivity through their own wireless network.  GROM VLine infotainment system provides such capability via mobile hot spot or smartphone connectivity.

GROM VLine Infotainment System – Hot Spot connectivity

  1. Connected car systems include connectivity between vehicles and connected devices: If you listen to music from your smart phone via a USB connection into your car stereo, then you have a connected car. This is the technology that GROM has developed their car kits around to offer more connectivity through stereos systems. Recently, GROM developed a new system and now offers connectivity between mobile tech and car infotainment systems with the VLine kit.
advanced car infotainment system VLine

GROM VLine Advanced Infotainment System

  1. Connected car innovation includes mobile apps to make devices more driving-safe and hands-free: There is an app for that! Developers have made apps that provide safe and legal means to access smart phones and another mobile device—apps like CarPlay and Android Auto. GROM has taken their background in car connectivity create their own app called DashLinQ, providing a innovative solution for drivers to access their mobile devices safely.

GROM DashlinQ technology

  1. Some connected car system offer access to outside services available through the car’s dashboard: Volvo is offering a concierge app to allow owners to order services such as fueling, cleaning, and servicing of their vehicles while at work or unattended.
  1. Other connected car systems allow users to access their cars remotely: Ford is offering a system syncing with devices such as Amazon Alexa for remote access to vehicle lights, thermostats, activation, security, and other features.

There are some of the few features that connect cars can offer. GROM Audio has worked exclusively as innovator and developer of both hardware and software products that can make the connected car experience superior for every drive, especially ones that lack some connectivity features built into new vehicles.

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