April News Recap

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5 Things You Should Know:

This Month in Mobile tech and Car/Driving

Spring rain getting you down in the West Coast? Well, there is a lot of sunshine in mobile tech and car tech news. April has some exciting developments in high tech car announcements that including the pre-release of a new flying car design and a partnership between Microsoft and Toyota. There also some great stories this month in mobile technology from Facebook and the Andy Rubin, the father of Android operating system (Click on the links to learn more):


GROM Audio News Recap Andy Aubin

Andy Aubin | Source: Wikimedia

The Father of the Android operating system, Andy Rubin, and his company Essentials is about to premier a new smartphone. Not much is known yet, but CNET has uncovered some nuggets about what to expect, like a pressure sensitive display and magnetic add-on accessories similar to the Moto Z.


GROM Audio Blog News Recap Connected Car

Microsoft is licensing their Connected Car Patents to Toyota. One can joke that they are turning the next generation of Toyotas into Microsoft’s latest operating system. Announcing the deal last Wednesday, April 19th; Microsoft is taking a similar step to other technology companies like Google and Intel. Their patents include file storage and transfer tools, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.


GROM Audio News Recap AeroMobil Flying Car

AeroMobil Flying Car | Source: Wikimedia

There is a new car flying in town. AeroMobil is making good on their promise to release a new mobile flying car in 2017! But don’t get excited as orders placed this year won’t be available till 2020. Want to get one? Here’s what AeroMobil is offering: it transforms from a car into a flying machine in less than 3 minutes. It has a roughly 434 mile driving range and roughly 466 mile flight range. Top ground speed is around 100 mph and flight speed around 224 mph. Have fun and good luck!


GROM Audio News Recap Facebook Augmented Reality F8

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has introduced augmented reality at their developers conference called “F8.” Taking cues from photo stamping apps like the popular features on Snapchat. Facebook’s new app called “Big Blue” will allow you to add visual animations and other cool stamps to pictures and videos you take on your phone.


GROM Audio News Recap Hyundai Ioniq Electric Car

Source: Wikimedia

Hyundai has a new electric car on the market called the Ioniq. Though it doesn’t have the mileage of the Chevy Bolt, Hyundai is now offering a new service to access the vehicle You can now buy a subscription to the Ioniq. Called the Unlimited+, drivers can make an initial $2,500 payment, followed by monthly fee for the 36-month term. Pricing depends on the trim level of Ioniq Electric. The base model has a monthly fee of $275 with the top model going for $365 per month.