VLine Infotainment System — A Major Advancement in Aftermarket In-Car Entertainment Systems

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Time quickly passes before you realize that your original factory automobile entertainment system has been outmoded. It can bring back memories of an ancient cassette tape player. Don’t know what that is? Well, uh, never mind.

As mobile phone technology continues to improve, outmoded OEM entertainment systems seem to age even more quickly. What was cutting-edge technology five years ago may seem downright antique as new car owners enjoy the latest and greatest of Car Play and Android Auto. Think about it. You may have never been given much thought to upgrading your factory car audio system, for the simple reason that it just might not be possible.

GROM Audio, a car-audio innovator in Silicon Valley, now offers an exciting infotainment upgrade option for drivers that are grappling with an outdated stereo. This solution is known as VLine, an aftermarket system upgrade for car stereos with navigation that need that extra boost.

The VLine system is a smart computer that connects directly to the factory touchscreen navigation/audio system. VLine enhances the factory touchscreen with navigation and GPS features, and extends the video interface capabilities to display the latest apps from Google Play. VLine also provides a number of additional key utilities that enhance driver safety and convenience.

The driver controls VLine through the existing touchscreen and steering wheel buttons. With one touch, it’s easy to switch between the map and media screens. In addition, vehicle occupants can access VLine GPS and audio features with either voice search or the stereo controls. Built with Android 5.1.1, the VLine system enables essential navigation and GPS tools—such as Google Maps and Waze—to help the drivers reach the destination safely and quickly.

VLine also offers many popular music apps, such as built-in Web Radio, Spotify, and Google Music, and other music apps which the user can access directly through the stereo navigational screen. Optionally, the driver can choose to view song titles, artist information, and even cover art. VLine makes this all possible directly in the touchscreen display. High-fidelity Bluetooth A2DP music streaming is also available.

GROM Audio Mobile Hotspot

Connect your VLine with Mobile Hotspot

Currently, VLine offers two methods for WiFi connection via hotspot. One option is to connect a USB mobile hotspot device to your VLine. Many mobile phone service providers offer a data-only plan for a modest monthly subscription fee, so check with your local data provider. The other option for connecting your VLine to the Internet is to access the hotspot on your mobile phone and take advantage of the services that are available on your mobile phone data plan.  Simply enable the hotspot on your mobile phone and consult the simple directions in the VLine user manual.

Product development is well underway for expanding the VLine Infotainment System—to all car makes and models. Presently, it is available for Lexus and Toyota models. But the engineers at GROM Audio are working around the clock to develop VLine for all makes and models. Nissan and Infiniti are the next automobile makes in the product pipeline.

Lexus is a top automaker—engineering highly luxurious and reliable automobiles. But many luxury car drivers are finding that it only takes a few years for the OEM  infotainment system to become obsolete.

For Lexus and Toyota owners, there are a number of aftermarket replacement options. Up until recently, all of these options have been typically expensive and difficult to connect.

GROM Audio VLine Lifestyle Demo

VLine Infotainment System Upgrade Demo

Look at all you can do with VLine

VLine includes an extensive array of features:

Music Apps. Web Radio, Spotify, Google Music, Local (stored on the phone) music, Pandora, and others will display on your car stereo screen. Use the VLine integrated apps, or open any app from the Google Play Store.

Google and Waze maps. These apps provide navigation capabilities and real time traffic updates, directly in your car stereo navigation screen.

Voice Activation. Launch navigation and control music streaming with voice commands. No touchscreen input is necessary. Simply tell the GPS where you want to go.

Google Play apps. Install many other apps available at Google Play. (Of course, not all apps are suitable for driving conditions).

Seamless Integration. You still retain all factory controls and features, including the factory FM radio, CD changer, and factory Bluetooth.

Excellent Sound Quality. High quality, crystal-clear sound will pipe through your factory car audio system.

Firmware upgrades. Available either through wireless or USB.

Potential for future upgrades. Look ahead for updates that enable an OBDII feed directly to the touchscreen. Future enhancement will include compability with rear parking cameras and front facing cameras.

Available Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard. Sold separately, use this keyboard to enter passwords or email information into VLine. Connects through Bluetooth, and its easy to operate.

Visit the VLine product page website to learn more about our special offers on the VLine infotainment system.