5 Online and Offline Navigation Apps for GROM VLine or your phone

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VLine Built-In Online Apps

Google Maps

GROM Audio VLine Infotainment System Upgrade Google Maps

Google Maps with VLine

Google Maps has been the standard for mapping and GPS navigation for over a decade.

Offering an all-inclusive map; which includes business, geographic feature, landmark, and government office information; Google Maps has become the leader in real-time mapping.

The navigation system offers voice directions and various map views to accommodate different preferences for drivers, including a feature that will notify drivers of traffic alerts. It also offers alternate routes when traffic alerts occur.

Google Maps has a new feature in the last 12 months that provides a comprehensive guide to local merchants and services from any target location, so that drivers can find gas stations, points of interests, and restaurants.

Google Maps is the mostly commonly used app program; however, its lack of focus for drivers often leads to misuse and inaccessibility while driving.

Download Google Maps Here


GROM Audio VLine Infotainment System Upgrade Waze Maps

Waze with VLine

Waze is a social network based mapping app that focuses on the driver, making route and road alerts smarter and faster. Waze provides markers that notify drivers by GPS voice and/or pop-ups — including accidents, traffic jams, and even speed traps.  Such markers also include points of interest such as restaurants, gas, and parking.

One feature that stands out is that roads are identified by traffic flow with markers identifying location of traffic alerts  Not only does Waze empowers drivers with the awareness of the conditions of their route, it also provides real-time re-routing for safe and convenient redirection for drivers.

Another feature that stands out is a point of interest guide that allows drivers to find important route destinations with key features — pointing to gas stations with pricing information and comparing to other local stations in addition to restaurants, merchants, and other key destinations with the best parking options.

Waze, though not as robust as Google, is the perfect choice for drivers and provides driver-centric mapping information in a light and efficient app.

Download Waze Navigation Here

VLine Offline Apps


GROM Audio VLine Infotainment System Here WeGo Navigation

HERE WeGo with VLine

HERE WeGo is another mapping app that offers a light and fast usability experience similar to many features that can be found on Waze, including local information on gas, merchants, and parking.

The app allows for offline use – users can download local maps for more fluid use and navigation. Instead of having content constantly being downloaded via WiFi/data plans/etc., users can have the necessary content all at once by the specified regions of their choice. This offline map app also has the ability to put your itinerary into a function called “Collections” making it easy for navigation on the road.

Another key feature is setting up your own account and share your experience in navigation, enabling crowdsource data collection to better predict the flow of traffic. Users who setup an account are also able to store their favorite destinations, neighborhoods, and other key information.

Here We Go is not as sophisticated as Google or Waze but has enough differentiation to make it a possible alternative or companion to the two latter apps.

Download HERE WeGo Navigation Here


GROM Audio VLine Infotainment System Upgrade Sygic Navigation

Sygic with VLine

Sygic is a mapping and navigation app more commonly used in Europe.

The app offers mapping through downloads, making the main benefits speed and ease of use.

Another key feature is the maps have a more distinguishable layout design, which offers an easier means of viewing traffic flow markers. The app also features the ability to mark your current parking location in addition to other nice elements such as dashboard camera, access to rearview camera, and much more.

Sygic is much easier to use than some of its major competitors because it uses downloaded map content; however, its main drawback is that many of its best features are only available through in-app purchases.

Download Sygic Navigation Here


GROM Audio VLine Infotainment System Upgrade iGo Navigation

iGo with VLine

iGo is another mapping program that functions via downloadable maps.

This driver-centric app allows users to switch between driver view, map view, and a gauge view—which offers an odometer along with other useful information.

iGo offers a unique feature for those who are in a bind when choosing a destination. By tapping on the map display, users can drop a destination marker to activate navigation. iGo’s main value over its competitors, especially for drivers, is users can get what they need without spending too much time using the device nor wait for the device to process requests.

The drawback is the app requires in-app purchases to get the best value.

Download iGo Navigation Here

About VLine

GROM Audio VLine Infotainment System Unit

Driving is becoming more of a burden these days with the increase of traffic and constant changes in road conditions. These uncertainties add to your already schedule-filled life, leaving you frustrated and more drained.

Over the years, GPS and Mapping technologies have proven to be a major revolution for drivers. These mapping systems have become a game changer for users’ driving experience – providing real-time navigation while driving. So it is no wonder that GROM is taking that experience to the next level, bringing you VLine Infotainment System – a smart and safe choice to make your commute fun again.

GROM VLine is a stand-alone unit that gives users access to their dashboard infotainment without changing the OEM.  VLine provides full functional control over music, navigation and voice recognition without the use of smartphones. VLine is intuitive and easy to use, allowing the usage of all kinds of apps that can be downloaded into your interface.

GROM ensures that VLine users have solid options with navigation apps. VLine supports all apps as downloadable via Google Play or uploaded to the unit.  In this article, we are featuring the most popular apps as made available through VLine.

Aside of iGo, each of these navigation app is fully integrated into VLine, and accessible through both dashboard and voice command activation. Users can easily switch between either method through a simple modification of VLine settings.  Note that iGo can only be activated via its App icon on the main screen.

VLine is designed to be used with each of these apps seamlessly and within a vehicle’s factory-owned infotainment system.

About GROM

GROM has been developing car kits for over a decade, evolving mobile device integration into car stereo systems along with creating the most efficient and safe mobile apps for drivers. GROM values their reputation as leaders car technology for safe driving. VLine is their latest innovation.

To learn more about VLine, please visit http://gromaudio.com/vline

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