Auto Tech News Update: Google assist, Galaxy S9, lane departure warnings, and automated parking assist

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Catch some of the news highlights this week in the auto tech world.

Genesis announces new Google assistant capabilities

New Google assistant from Genesis

Source: Telematic News

Genesis Connected Services is getting a lot more powerful with the introduction of the Genesis app for the Google Assistant today. The Genesis app for the Google Assistant allows control of various functions of a Genesis vehicle with simple voice commands or smartphone keyboard inputs. This new integration provides owners with the flexibility …. Read More

Samsung Galaxy S9: what we want to see

Samsung Note Galaxy S9 Latest Update

Source: TechCrunch

The Samsung Galaxy S8 only hit stores earlier this year, but we’re already hearing rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S9, with one report claiming the phone is already in the first few stages of production. … Read More

Lane departure warning, blind spot detection help drivers avoid trouble

Lane Departure Warning from IIHS

Source: IIHS

Lane departure warning, a technology designed to address an often-fatal type of crash, is preventing crashes on U.S. roads, new research from IIHS shows. A separate study shows that blind spot detection also is yielding benefits when it comes to preventing lane-change crashes … Read More

Automated parking system pulls drivers’ attention away from road

Parking Assistant Pulls Away Driver's Attention

Source: IIHS

When cars do some of the work for their drivers, the focus of drivers’ attention shifts, new research from IIHS and MIT’s AgeLab shows. The researchers looked at how a system that helps identify a parking spot and uses automated steering to maneuver into it influenced where drivers directed their gaze while parallel parking … Read More


Other News

Missed the solar eclipse? You won’t have to wait too long for the next one.

The Next Solar Eclipse Scheduled next year

Source: Washington Post

The 2017 solar eclipse is now history.  If you missed the big event … or regret not traveling to the path of totality to watch the sun go completely dark, not to worry – you’ll have another chance in less than seven years … Read More