News on Apple iPhone, Music Industry, upcoming R&D Summit, and the infamous data breach

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As Fall begins, major changes are blowing in the wind for the car, music, and e-commerce industries. From China setting a deadline to all electric cars to Apple’s premier event for the new iPhone to a Music Industry conference; the mutable nature of music, car, and tech is beginning another stage of metamorphosis.

Here is what’s been happening:

Apple premiers latest iPhone in Cupertino.

Apple Building Cupertino California

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Killing two birds with one stone, the mega tech company will discuss all the cookies of the ten year anniversary addition of the iPhone. Rumors are they will also discuss updates to the Apple Watch. More importantly, they will reveal how the IPhone interface will operate without a home button. Read More

The Music Industry conference last weekend on sales and future of music e-commerce.

Music Industry

The conference included Sony, Universal, and Warner along with tech superstars like Ideo, YouTube, and Spotify. The main topic was music royalties and meta content data. Specifically, industry leaders are looking for means of regaining revenues in an industry where sales have rapidly diminished with reported revenue of $13.8 billion in 1998 dipping to $7.65 billion in 2016. Read More

The trucking industry embrace “smart” technology to drive efficiency.

Connected Truck

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Seeking to develop supply chain automation, companies are quickly adding new telematic data-driven tools such as real-time traffic, tolling, routing and scheduling, parking, along with freight aggregation. Telematics is interdisciplinary field that includes telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, and electrical engineering. According to Krishna Chaithanya Bathala, a Frost & Sullivan Mobility Senior Analyst, “The logistics industry is expanding to include unconventional players, resulting in innovative and unique value-added services.” Read More

China plans to ban sales on fossil fuel vehicles in the near future.

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The large nation wants to go all electric in the next several decades as its regulators are working on a timetable for when the ban will begin to take effect. China is the world’s largest auto market and has already done much to entice car companies to develop and sell electric cars. The nation will join France, which is planning to stop sales of fossil fuel vehicles by 2040. Read More

Mercedes-Benz plans to go all electric for their cars by 2022.

Mercedes Benz Electric Car

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Specifically, the automaker will begin to offer hybrid or fully electric versions of its cars by the appointed date and include at least 50 new electric model options. Other companies are already on board to offer fully electric models in their lineup: Volvo in 2019 and Ford’s Lincoln brand by 2022. Read More

The Auto Tech R&D Summit coming to San Jose next month.

Connected Car Automotive Infosystem

Formerly the Telematics Update West Coast, the summit will focus on new tech investment in the automotive connected car industry. Automotive start-ups have been booming in Silicon Valley, which is why this event is so important. The summit will include invigorating sessions from top analysts in the business on topics to prepare connected and autonomous car innovators for the challenges of this emerging market. The show will also include exhibits in the latest high tech innovations. Read More

We at GROM will have a booth there. Drop by and see what we have cooked up for the future of automotive infosystem!

Other News

Equifax reported a data breach that exposed of 143 million consumers, including SSN.

Equifax Data Breach

The announcement is not only a shock to the ecommerce world but also has incited a major identity theft calamity as social security numbers by the millions have been exposed to the black market. According to Jeremiah Grossman, the chief of security strategist at SentinelOne, a defense and threat monitoring firm, “It’s a safe assumption that everyone’s Social Security number has been compromised and their identity data has been stolen.” Read More