Setting up nice voice command in your car with VLine

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By default VLine comes with free and open sourced Pico TTS (text-to-speech) which sounds… Well mechanic. If you’re big fan of that robo voice, you may skip to the next chapter. However if 90s era is not your thing, please read on.

The easiest way to install the nice voice is to use Google Play and search for: TTS (text to speech). You will be given an infinite choice of apps that you can play with. It would be safe to assume that top 10 from the list will be the good choice.

We usually recommend installing Google Text-To-Speech which is integrated very well into all apps and Android system in general.

Once you installed your TTS app, go to Settings->Languages & Input->Text-To-Speech output and choose “Google Text-To-Speech” or any other engine of your choice.

VLine text to speech engine setup

VLine text-to-speech engine setup

Enjoy your nice and “human” voice from now on… Drive happy!

About VLine: VLine is connected car infotainment system that allows you to enjoy modern navigation and maps (Google, Waze, others) and music apps (Spotify, Google Music, Web Radio and others) right on your factory stereo screen.

Currently available for select Nissan / Infiniti and Toyota / Lexus stereos with navigation. For more info visit