Grom Android kit with BMW e46 Factory Bluetooth

My '06 BMW e46 Convertible has the factory Business CD w/ Harman Kardon along with factory Bluetooth for phone.

I am satisfied with my current Bluetooth setup, and only want to add the AND2 with my Galaxy S6 for media through USB port. Will the Grom interfere with the factory Bluetooth setup?
  • Hello Patton, no the GROM adapter will not interfere with your factory Bluetooth setup. Thank you.
  • Great, just bought one, will install this weekend
  • Thank you Patton!
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    So I found a used AND2-BMW kit.    I think its an older one as there is a gap for EXT1, but no port, and it looks like on the newer ones that port is covered by the casing and only EXT2 is used.    I THINK I have the trunk kit, can you confirm from the photos.  



  • Yes this appears to be a older GROM-AND2 unit that comes with BMW Trunk harness to install at factory CD changer location.
  • Patton, yes it looks like it is BMW trunk kit. Where did you get it from? You need to make sure that there is correct firmware flashed on the unit.

    Also make sure to connect the BMW trunk cable correctly upon the installation.

    Some BMW are factory wired for the cellular phone.
    Except for wire location, the factory cellular phone connector looks identical to the factory 3-pin connector used for the CD changer.

    The Correct 3-pin connector  for the CD changer has a BROWN wire (ground) in the #1 pin position. Please make certain to use this connector.

    The INCORRECT factory cellular phone connector has a BROWN wire in the center position - DO NOT USE THIS CONNECTOR.

    As for the firmware, I recommend you to try the unit out first, and if it works - do not update the firmware.

    Thank you.
  • I got it from a member on bimmerforums, I will watch for the cellular phone wiring as my 2006 325Ci does have the cellular wiring. Will try everything before I mess with firmware.

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