Multiple Problems with USB3-MAZ

Hi All,

I'd be really grateful for any solutions to any of the problems listed below. This is a new install into a 2007 Mazda 6, using the GROM bluetooth dongle etc:

  1. Only 1 of my 3 USB sticks works. The other 2 make the display say "EX 1:55 035". They are a Scandisk 8GB, and a Verbatim 16GB. The only one that works is an old generic 4GB. Why would this be so. Both are newly formatted FAT32, with the same folders and MP3 files on them.
  2.  Some folders are skipped, and it refuses to play their contents. I have also found that some mp3 files play, then when I switch folders, then come back to the MP3, it will not play. I have 6 folders on the USB, each with one MP3 file. All MP3 files are named without spaces. Folders are named 01, 02, 03 etc. Folder 2 started with this problem. Now, if I put new folders and MP3 files on the stick, folder 2 is always skipped, even if I rename the folder slightly. All naming conventions are to the GROM guidelines
  3. I cannot answer phone calls by pressing next track. If I press it quickly, nothing happens. If I press slowly, the call connects, then cuts off after about 2 seconds.
  4. Folder names are listed as EX1, EX2 etc, not by their proper name.
Basically the unit does play some files, but is so hit-or-miss, it's very frustrating.

Really grateful for any help. Thanks,

  • 1/2. Please make sure your USB flash drive is setup properly. I would do a fresh reformat on the drives before adding content.  Make sure there are no other files or folders that do not have music.

    The USB flash drive has to be structured in a certain way for it to play on GROM USB.

    Also make sure that the USB flash drive is in FAT file system structure, (i.e. FAT, FAT16 or FAT32)
    NTFS and exFAT is not supported.

    The GROM supports the follow file formats through USB stick

    MP3 layer 1,2,3 bitrate up to 320Kbps
    WMA (no DRM) bitrate up to 384Kbps
    AAC/MP4/iTunes+ (no DRM). Bitrate up to 384Kbps
    OGG/Vorbis bitrate up to 384Kbps
    FLAC up to 24 bits, 48 kHz     ***USB2P/USB3/MST3P/MST4 only

    Make sure also there are no hidden folders and try to keep USB exclusively for music
    and leave unnecessary files such as Documents and photos off this same USB drive.

    Do NOT have Empty Folders on USB stick as it will cause playback issues for GROM.
    Try also to limit the number of song files within folder to under 299. If need to have more music in "Playlist" then create subfolders within Main folder on USB.

    Make sure Music files in one folder are either all numbered in numerical track order or none number at all in the filename.  Do not have two filenames with same numbering in beginning (i.e. 01trackone.mp3 and 01tracktwo.mp3) as this will confuse GROM which file is considered Track 1.

    Also see if using a FAT file sorter helps.
    Here is one we use with good results

  • 3.
    Please try doing a Bluetooth reset and then pairing phone fresh.

    Please try resetting/clearing GROM Bluetooth dongle memory. It will reset the pairing memory and clear the dongle to original specs.

    BTD dongle reset procedure for USB units:

    For USB2/USB2P Make sure BTD dongle is connected to left EXT1 port.
    For USB3/IPD4 units, the BTD can be plugged into any EXT port.

    1. Enable mode switching state (GROM-FM-GROM) ie. Go from GROM mode to FM, then back to GROM
    2. Once GROM voice announcing the mode (USB IPOD AUX) is heard press SCAN or RPT button on radio
    3. There should be 1-2 beeps from speakers confirming full reset of Bluetooth dongle. If your phone was connected to "GROM CAR", it will disconnect when you press the scan/repeat button.

    Now you can repair your phone. "GROM CAR" should show up on your Bluetooth within 5-20 seconds. If you have "GROM CAR" on your phone from previously pairing, you will have to delete it and then pair with new "GROM CAR".

    If you don't hear the beeps or see "GROM CAR" come up, repeat the procedure but try pressing SCAN or REPEAT on the stereo twice.

    4.  This is normal for stereo to display EX1, EX2, EX3 etc. only. The GROM is emulating a factory CD changer and each folder represents a virtual CD in this mode. EX1 is Disc1, EX2 is DISC 2 etc.   DISC1 is folder 1, DISC2 is folder 2, etc.

  • Hi typeROD, thanks very much for your help.

    On the USB stick that works, I have used the file structure you suggest, and it seems to be much better.
    I have also gone through the procedure of resetting the BTD dongle.

    I do still have 2 problems now though.

    1. My 2 decent USB sticks are just not recognised at all. The display just shows "EX 1:55 035", and the last number just keeps incrementing, as if it is playing. I know these sticks are fine, as they work everywhere else. I have tried using them with the extension cable and without. They are both FAT32, and I used the same structure as on the stick that works.
    2. The 'next track' button still connects the phone, then the call drops out after 2 seconds. If I use the phone to answer the call, it all works ok, 'Previous track' correctly puts the call to answer phone. The phone pairs with no problems at all, and plays music fine too.
    Once again, thanks for your help,


  • Please fill out a Support Ticket explaining the remaining issues for further assistance

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