Can't select CHR on radio after flat battery on Subaru with USB2Plus

I have had my unit installed since 2013 and working with no problems but had a flat battery and now when I select CHR on the stereo the display does nothing.  My iPhone sees the Grom unit and I have successfully unpaired and repaired it but still no joy.  I also updated the firmware but still no change.  The Stereo unit is Kenwood GX-210KE.  I am wondering if anybody else has experienced something like this and found a remedy. The radio & CD selection works fine.  Would there be a fuse somewhere that may be stopping the stereo from recognising the GROM unit?  Appreciate any ideas?  
  • You have tried unplugging it for a bit and reconnecting the module after?

    Which firmware version did you try updating to? The filename?

    What is the batch number sticker to the unit? (on the bottom)

  • I have tried discoonecting the Grom unit for about 6 hours and reconnect but no good.  I have the USB2 plus unit and whe nI checked firmware there was only 2 choices so I selected the Subaru 06-09 no text.  I don't believe the issue is the firmware though.  I can't see the serial number on the unit.  I suspect that the Grom unit probably sends an input signal to the stereo and for some reason this is not there.  I am wondering if there is an internal fuse or something in the unit that has blown or something.  As mentioned the unit is definitely powering on and can be seen and paired to my iPhone but it is not seen by the stereo.  Any more ideas?

  • There is no internal fuse inside the GROM module.
    The GROM module may need to be replaced.
  • Are you able to advise if the Grom gives a voltage output via a specific pin into the Kenwood unit so it recognises an external unit is attached allowing the CHR selection?  I would like to troubleshoot to see if I can isolate the issue to the Kenwood or the Grom before looking to buy a new unit.

  • The Kenwood stereo is the unit that provides voltage output to the GROM module. Not the other way around.

    A BUS signal is what is provided to the stereo to allow for Kenwood stereo to communicate with it to allow CHR selection.

    Here is wiring pinout of Subaru vehicle cable for GROM modules.

  • Thank you for this information :)
  • the batch number of my Grom unit is: 842-16-241012  cna you confirm which firmware should be loaded for this?

    thanks Darren
  • You have a earlier model USB2P
    You should use the firmware downloadable at the link below

  • I assume it is the Subaru 06-09 (No Text) (GROM-USB2-SUBARU) I should use.  There are only two Firmware listed there for .  My Model is MY04.  The Firmware says 06-09
  • Yes correct, you should be using the Subaru 06-09 (No Text) (GROM-USB2-SUBARU) firmware for your GROM module and vehicle setup.

  • Did you find solution to your problem?
    Because exactly the same happened to me and I don't know what to do.
  • @dimitrov2000 
    we recommend you fill out support ticket to assist you
  • Already luck. It seems the solution is new unit...
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