Join us at Club Lexus Meet in Pleasanton, CA, September 18th

Please join us for Finesse -  end of Summer North Cal Lexus Club Meet, in Pleasanton, CA.

This is THE largest Club Lexus gathering of the year!! Due to the
limited amount of parking spaces, registration will be LIMITED to Lexus
vehicles ONLY (stock or modded), although EVERYONE is welcome to come
and enjoy this great event! We will have spectator parking available for
non-Lexus vehicles

The event is called “Finesse” as this is the new direction Lexus is
taking their vehicles, and Lexus of Pleasanton will have several F cars
for you to check out!

Caravans will be arranged for each area of the bay (North Bay,
SF/Peninsula, South bay, Sac, and Central Valley), and will be
coordinated by Finesse Staff ONLY. This will be announced closer to the
event date.

TIME: 11:00am (If you don't come with a caravan, your roll in time is 10:30)

DATE: September 18, 2016 (Sunday)

PLACE: Lexus of Pleasanton **OFF SITE LOT** (If you don’t come with a caravan, please note that the meet is down the street on rosewood drive)

4430 Rosewood Drive, Pleasanton, CA

More info:

GROM will host a booth with live demo of VLine infotainment system upgrade for Lexus and Toyota stereos. Please stop by for cool prizes, raffle, and nice chat!
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