Issues with MST4-VOLS04

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I recently installed a GROM-MST4 in my 2009 Volvo V50.
I'm using it to play Ogg Vorbis files encoded at quality level 10 and stored on a USB SSD.

I've got two glitches to report:

1) the unit sometimes stops playing just after the end of a track. Prev/Next track won't resume playing. To resume, I have to skip back and forth between albums.

2) some albums are played low pitched (should I say 'slow motion' ?), despite being encoded with the same encoder/settings than the rest.
Those music files play fine on computers.

Sorry for my poor english.

  • The GROM supports the follow file formats through USB stick

    MP3 layer 1,2,3 bitrate up to 320Kbps
    WMA (no DRM) bitrate up to 384Kbps
    AAC/MP4/iTunes+ (no DRM). Bitrate up to 384Kbps
    OGG/Vorbis bitrate up to 384Kbps
    FLAC up to 24 bits, 48 kHz     ***USB2P/USB3/MST3P/MST4 only

    Please make sure your  OGG Vorbis files conform to these limits.

  • Ok roger that.

    I think I found out why the low-pitched playback happens: those tracks are encoded at 96khz (they come from 24bit/96Khz)
  • Thank you Martin for sharing your findings.
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