Adding pause/resume functionality to head unit/steering wheel buttons.

Is it possible to add pause/resume functionality to some buttons on head unit/ steering wheel(repeat/random buttons, double clicking next track, etc) so I can pause the music, talk to google now and then resume the music without touching the phone. Also double clicking on the scan button could pause the music in addition to activating google now.

I have another bluetooth adapter (himbox) in my other car with aux input which does have the described functionality and it is very useful. 
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to add a Play/Pause button functionality on the stereo.
    If you take a look majority of the factory stereos you will see that they do not have any sort of button like that for us to be able to use.

    For Double tapping the SCAN button to activate voice-dial of GROM, it already pauses/mutes music automatically when you do so currently. If it is not currently doing so then it may be issue with Application you are using on the phone.
  • Is it possible to use double tap next track to start playing and double tap prev track to pause? There are also random and repeat buttons that are duplicating the scan button functionality currently.
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