January 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, and happy New Year of a Rooster!

We recently published our January newsletter that you can find here:

The newsletter highlights the most asked questions about GROM VLine infotainment system. GROM VLine is the stand alone aftermarket infotainment system that brings dashboard interaction and connectivity to the vehicles. Modern maps such as Google and Waze, as well as the access to the streaming music apps, is possible using your factory car stereo and VLine.
The system is currently available for select Lexus cars, with more car support coming soon. 

In our January newsletter you will find our latest blogs about new California driver's safety law, as well as our tribute and overview of major musical highlights from 2016. 

The last but not least are Dashlinq Android App update, and special offer for our readers.

Questions? Contact us at http://gromaudio.com/support.html

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