GROM-USB2P-TOY ID3 text shows only for first 12 playlists

in GROM-USB2P edited February 2017
GROM-USB2P-TOY S/N 844C firmware v91
2005 4Runner Limited JBL RDS

It seems that the GROM-USB2P-TOY will provide ID3 text only for the first 12 playlists. For tracks on playlists 13 and beyond, only playlist number and track number show up.

As a workaround, I just reorganized my USB drives accordingly. Everything else seems to work great.
  • This is due to limitation of the stereo.

    The GROM emulates a factory external CD changer and these CD changers typically were of physical 6-disc or 10-disc operation.
    Anything beyond these points the stereo may not behave the same as it was never intended to move to those disc numbers.

    It is good idea to reorganize your USB flash drive to fit within this limitation, which you did.

  • Thanks a lot for validating this approach!!
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