Looking to install A GROM- NIS02U3 Into a Skyline 350 GT (Infinity G35) With A Factory BOSE system

I'm looking for help with Installing a aftermarket aux unit. Into my 2005 Nissan Skyline 350GT premium. (Japanese Import)

My BOSE System is a  CD changer/ Mini-disc player that sits behind the center dash bezel. This also houses the Japanese SAT NAV with retractable screen. The BOSE amp is in the trunk next to spare wheel. Was hoping to Install the unit in the trunk and run music off an HDD. So I would'nt need to mess with the center dash. I do not have a satellite radio connector or unit mounted next to amp the car has only center dash buttons CD, MD, AM-FM, DISP. I want to Hijack the CD changer or MD player (Assuming they are treated as Separate units by the amp.)

Iam unfamiliar with This kind of setup.
  • Check to see if you have the plug on the rear of your stereo for Nissan/Infiniti Vehicles.

    If you do then it is compatible with our GROM kits listed at the link below.

  • Thanks

    So if I'm correct I can use the NISCDCU3 connected into the back of the factory 2din unit in the plug that occupies the CD changer to amp.  And so long as the unit has the correct firmware installed it will tell the amp it is still connected to CD. Because if I'm understanding this correctly. The 2din unit sends the primary signal to the amp while at the same time the amp sends a signal to back to the 2 din to check its connected. And without it receiving a response.Both devices ( amp and 2din) unit will not operate.

    Do I need an adapter as well if I want to keep CD functionality. Or can I daisy chain the NISCDCU3 In to that port on the back of the unit. And then connect the Factory CD harness that was runing from the amp to the 2din into the  NISCDCU3.
  • Yes if you have the port available in the rear of the stereo then you can use the NISCDCU3 kit.
    Please note that if vehicle is currently equipped with CD changer in the rear of the vehicle that it will have to be disconnected and lost as the GROM will take its place. The factory External mounted CD changer in the rear of the car CANNOT be kept when installing a GROM.  It will take its place and emulate its functions for the features it will be adding.

    The Factory Amplifier does not share this plug so you do not need to worry about it not working when installing GROM.
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