Grom usb3 in 2007 Mazda CX7 with added 5 din to audio aux cable

I recently purchased both the vehicle and the device in hopes of an easy compatibility. After updating the firmware to the cdc most recent one, the usb drive finally works on random with no playback errors. There are however display errors when some songs play. The audio will be playing along through the random setting on the EXT 1 file or EXT 2 files I created. It is a 32gb sandisk cruzer drive. It had more issues before the update, but at this point that is irrelevant. The stereo display in the vehicle shows a random song number and sometimes no time display or the time countdown freezes while the song plays. Is there a fix for that? Can it show track titiles from the included id3 tags in the mp3 files? It never does. I created a support ticket the day before about what version of the firmware to use and got this with no other info about anything else. This is why I am starting this discussion. To get answers when I am curious about things. Thank you for any comments on it.
  • Hello, thank you for the post.
    If you use CDC, it will not show the track information. Only Disc # and Track #. Please make sure that you do not have the "RANDOM" on, if you have it on - the tracks will play in random order. Toggle "RDM" button to check.

    If you use SAT Firmware (SAT emulation), text will display. You can refer to the article here for the controls:

    Note that with SAT emulation you will loose steering wheel controls.

    Also make sure that the MiniDin to AUX 3.5mm phone jack cable is connected to the EXT2 port, see the manual page 4:

    Thank you.
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