Gain really low ?

Is there a way to change the GAIN on the MST4 kit ?

The volume is really low when i'm playing from my iPhone, to hear anything i have the volume set to ~75%,
so when i switch back to the radio, I have to remember to turn the volume back down or i get blasted.

I'm not sure if this is something related to the MST4, the volvo code, or the Bluetoth adapter.

Anyone have any ideas ?
  • Are you playing Iphone via USB or Bluetooth connection?

    While playing from the Iphone through the GROM device, I recommend trying to hit the volume up button on the phone itself  and see if this adjusts the volume level to be higher so you can match other audio levels of the stereo.

  • Same problem for me. Even if I put the mobile volume to the max, it is still too low compared to the radio volume. Any other suggestion?
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