WirelinQ and Can-Am Spyder

The main reason I jumped on the WirelinQ is so that I could use my Android phone on my Spyder RT Limited. This roadster has an audio system with an Apple iPod/iPhone interface, and it works quite well. I think it will work with the WirelinQ as well.

I know that Can-Am doesn't have any vehicles listed on the compatibility list. I checked a while back because my GROM-USB3 unit in my Honda works and I was considering installing it until I remembered the wire harness.

When I plugged the WirelinQ into my HTC 10 phone (Android 7.0) and to the USB input of the audio system, DashlinQ popped up, and the Spyder recognized the WirelinQ as an iPod. I was able to switch tracks, pause/play, and control the volume. However, the audio stream continued to play through the phone's speakers, and not the Spyder's.  I looked through the settings, including the developer's settings, but never found a way to reroute the audio stream to the Spyder. I could use the auxiliary input in addition to the iPod connection, but that's another cable to mess with.

Has this happened with other vehicles? Is there a hidden setting in Android that I need to change, or is this a problem that can be corrected in firmware?
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    Try to go into DashLinQ settings and toggle ON the "Disable USB streaming" option

  • Success! It turns out that the sequence of turning things on is the key. As long as DashlinQ is up and running before the bike is switched on, it works just fine.
    This is just conjecture on my part, but it seems that DashlinQ initializes the WirelinQ to begin the iOS emulation, so if it is running prior to starting the bike, the head unit only sees it as an iOS device and never as an Android device. It doesn't cope well with the switch in identities.
    Disabling USB streaming did not fix the issue, btw.
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