Honda S2000 install

Where to hide your Apple iPod in a S2000?
Years ago I installed a IPD3 for the S2000.  I moved the Grom IPD3 unit from my Acura NSX after a Grom USB3 upgrade.  A quick firmware upgrade and it was good to go.
The issue was in a convertible, where do you hide the Apple iPod?  there is a locking "glove box", but not convenient to get to when driving.
The S2000 OEM head unit is hidden behind a door to keep the radio out of site. That door has a small holder for parking passes and such.  I found that an iPOD would also fit in the back side of this door.  The door will continue to close and hide the iPOD out of site just as before.
If you are looking for something to do with that old iPOD that has a dead battery, this will replace the CD changer in the trunk..
here are the pictures:
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