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Hi al.l I have the Grom BT3 in the mazda 6 2006 model. I transferred it from the audi 3 with a new cable maz02s. I have tried to update the firmware via the sd card. I get the IPhone pairing with the grom unit but no connection with the mazda headunit. I have tried a range of different sd card 8 gb 4 gb I have checked the terminals at each end of the cable. The Stereo just does not seem to see the grom unit. The grom unit is just over a year old, so I don't think there is any problem with that. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  • Hello,
    1. Please make sure that you downloaded correct firmware for your vehicle. It should be Mazda 02-08 (GROM-IPD3-MAZDA) in the drop down menu on the page here:
    2. Once the correct firmware is downloaded make sure to rename it to gromipd3.hex
    3. Try to use 4GB SD card or smaller

    To recognize the GROM cycle the ignition and press CD button (or any other button that activates external device on your car stereo).

    If that does not help, and because your vehicle is Mazda 6 2006, there might be the chance that the stereo modification is needed. See the article here on what it involves:

    This applies to Mazda 6 stereos manufactured in 2003-2005 year range.

    Thank you.

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