grom always starting from the same song

My grom is  acting weird lately. Each time I turn on the car, the grom device always start from the same folder/song, mostly folder 29 for some reason. It's a bit annoying that it startsalways from that song instead of starting from the last played. Any suggestions?
my grom is acting weird. Each time  
  • Hello,
    Did it just start doing it? What device do you use to connect via GROM to your car stereo - USB flash drive or iPhone/Android smartphone?
    More info is needed in order for us to help.
    Thank you.
  • It has been a long time since it started to behave like this. At the beginning it was doing that at random, but now it's constant. Maybe it has something to do with the battery? It does it with the usb stick connected
  • Can you try a different USB stick/flash drive? 
  • Hello, I've tried with a new usb stick for a few days, but I got the same behaviour. Could it be related to the car battery?
  • Update: I've found out that if the number of the starting folder is < 29 then the device is starting with the correct folder, but from folder 29 on it's going back to the last played song in folder 29. Please help, this is really annoying...
  • Can you please let me know what is your car make/model/year? Thank you.
  • Volvo s40, m.y. 2004
  • Go over how you  have your USB flash drive setup and make sure it is setup properly for GROM function

    Make sure also there are no hidden folders and try to keep USB exclusively for music 
    and leave unnecessary files such as Documents and photos off this same USB drive.

    Do NOT have Empty Folders on USB stick as it will cause playback issues for GROM.
    Try also to limit the number of song files within folder to under 299. If need to have more music in "Playlist" then create subfolders within Main folder on USB.

    Make sure Music files in one folder are either all numbered in numerical track order or none number at all in the filename.  Do not have two filenames with same numbering in beginning (i.e. 01trackone.mp3 and 01tracktwo.mp3) as this will confuse GROM which file is considered Track 1.

    Also see if using a FAT file sorter helps.
    Here is one we use with good results
  • Hi,
    I've already checked those points. My usb is formatted fat32, no images, playlist files or docs, no empty folders, max files per folder is 23, total folder number is 58, all files are numbered starting from 01 - title.mp3 using specific software (I've also tried the fat sorter some time ago). Same happens with other usb keys with different folders. They get always stuck un folder 29. Folder structure is simple, all the folders in the root are albums.
  • What firmware version are you currently running?
    To check firmware version switch to USB mode of the GROM. While playing music from USB connected device i.e. USB flash drive, Android or Ipod/iphone (USB3/MST4 only). 
    Unplug from USB port. The track number will change and show current version number of Firmware.

    I suggest making sure you are on latest firmware to see if it helps.
  • It says 14:32
  • ok, I've updated the firmware, now it reads 14:36. It's doing the same anyway: I tried by playing folder 30, removed the key, reinserted the key and grom went back to folder 29...
  • I've just noticed that it's not even seeing the folders from 44 to 58... Quite disappointing!
  • Maybe you can send us your usb flash drive, we can check how it is being set up, and why it is causing such issue. I recommend to contact tech at to arrange for that.
    Thank you.
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