connected, but no sound from android.... sometimes

Hello.  I have a USB3 device in my infiniti, using the CD Changer interface and firmware.  I can pair my LG V10 with the unit and then play music/audio through the system.  However, sometimes after parking the car, then turning everything back on, the phone connects to the GROM unit but no audio is heard (USB music still plays).  This may take a day, week, or an hour after pairing/re-pairing the phone.  This is happening very frequently, to the point where I cannot use the GROM device with my phone.

It sometimes starts working again after 3-7 days.  It always starts working again if I fully disconnect the GROM unit from the Constant 12V power (i.e. unplug grom).

I have done the following:
1.  unpaired the phone and re-set the grom device using GROM'S troubleshooting instructions
2.  tried 2 other android phones - same issue.
3.  rebooted the phone.

I also have an iphone 5s.  for 2 weeks I tested the phone with the Grom unit.  With the iphone, there were ZERO issues.  This leads me to believe that the CDC firmware on this unit has an occasional issue with android's bluetooth connection. 

I'll be updating the firmware tonight.  (I'm one revision behind right now).  The change log doesn't look promising.


  • I am having the same issue with my brand new GROM3 and Bluetooth dongle on an 05 Acura TL, it is a bit disappointing to see that this question has gone 3 years unanswered.

  • If you are having difficulty with GROM equipment, the best way to get the support is via tech support ticket system. Please contact tech support at and provide the details about the issue that you experience. They will be able to help. 
    Thank you, and apologize for the difficulties with GROM product.
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