BMW E38 doesn't recognize GROM USB-3

Car make: BMW E38 750il 2001

the car is equipped with DSP. I did the installation as per the instructions:

1- The trunk CD changer 3 pin cable to the USB3.

2- The DSP converter 6 pin cable to the USB3.

3- The amplifier coaxial cable to the DSP converter.

4- The DSP converter is powered with 12V and grounded.

5- A FAT32 USB stick with 6 numbered folders is connected.

The car doesn't switch to the USB device; knowing that it switch normally to the factory CD changer when in place.

The car has a single mode button that switches between the available modes, and it discovers only FM/AM and TAPE.

I tried to update the firmware; just to verify that the device is functioning.

The USB stick light didn't light up or blink. the key was in ignition position, and there was power feeding the device.

  • Please double check that the 3-pin plug is going in straight when plugging into connection in vehicle.
    Make sure no Pins are bent or pushed in and all aligned.

    If that does not help then I recommend you fill out support ticket for further assistance.
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