E46 with USB3, BT Dongle, Dab Dongle


I have a 2006 Bmw M3 E46 with MkIV navigation system + Harman Kardon + TV + Cd Changer + ULF for Bluetooth phone.

I would like to buy Grom USB3 (trunk model ) with BT Dongle ( for audio streaming, keeping ulf for handsfree) and DAB europe dongle.

Is it possible to have both BT and DAB dongle connected?

Is my configuration fully supported?

Thanks in advance,
  • Anyone? now that holidays are over i'm looking forward to buy it but I want to be sure it can work as expected!

  • Hello Michelle,
    2006 BMW M3 uses GROM-MST4 car kit for fiber-optic stereos with M.O.S.T. technology. Please check here:

    Note that the stereo must have MP3 CDC capability in order to support GROM-MST4. If it does not have this capability you will have to visit the local BMW dealer to ask them to program your vehicle to support MP3 CDC.

    You can have both GROM-BTD and DAB as DAB connects to the EXT2 port of GROM-MST4. Note that we have mixed reports with GROM DAB performance in Europe, in some areas it does not perform up to the expectations.

    Thank you.
  • Ok, thanks for the feedback.

    will let you know once installed!

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