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Recently I purchased the Wirelinq mUSB for the Samsung S7 and my Saab 9-5 2010 (GM headunit with nav). This car has full ipod support and therefore I thought that the Wirelinq cable would work, but it didn't. What could possibly be wrong? Settings? App? 


  • Hello Markus,
    You might need to update the firmware on Wirelinq.
    Please contact our tech support at, they will help.
    Thank you.
  • I tested with a new firmware and the latest Dashlinq app, but it's the same issue, Not Recognized. Is it related to the CONNECT.MP3 file on the storage in the cable?
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    This is an iPhone playing off spotify...

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  • Can you please connect the Wirelinq to the computer's USB port, open the readme file and send me the details about your firmware and bootloader version?

    Please also let me know what version of Dashlinq you are using.

    Thank you.
  • Loader version: 01.02
    Firmware version: 02.33

  • I have a Samsung S7 edge, but a different car (2013 Hyundai Sonata), with similar problems. My phone does not recognize the cable except as a charging cable; I've gone through every wirelinq firmware and I'm in the DashLinq beta, but I haven't had any luck so far. I've tried toggling USB Debugging and everything else I could find on my phone. Has anyone had luck with a Samsung S7, and if so, what settings were used?

    The cable does work fine with an old Nexus 4 phone in the same car as well as a different car.
  • @androvsky - can you please try to reverse the micro usb connection of the cable when inserting into the phone? Or please also try not to plug it in Micro USB connection fully into your Samsung phone, and instead leave it inserted at about 3/4. Let us know if that will help.
    Thank you.
  • That did fix it, thank you! Unfortunately, the current usage is I have to plug in the micro USB in a certain direction and a certain depth, so... if there's a future model with a uni-directional micro USB connection that's less sensitive to plug depth, that'd be useful.

    My phone's theme made it nearly impossible to see the checkbox in the accessory dialog pop-up so that made it a bit more complicated once I got the USB working, but it's all good now.
  • @androvsky great to hear that! and thank you for your feedback regarding the sensitivity of the connector, we will make steps to improve it.
  • @androvsky, if you like Dashlinq/Wirelinq performance, please leave the review for Dashlinq app at Google Play Store at
    We would truly appreciate your support!

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