Problem with Grom BT3 & Bentley Bluetooth

I've sent the below info to support and waiting to hear back, so hoping someone here might have suggestions.


I've had no success in hearing sound from my car speakers in bluetooth mode.

Can hear aux in just fine.

Tried resetting 3 times and still no go. Also followed all advice in this thread.

I've tried reflashing with v31 and v32 firmware for vw/skoda 98-10 and bluetooth audio is still completely garbled.

also, when bluetooth audio (garbled noise) is playing, can still hear the aux in, also garbled. tried with aux in plugged into ext 1, ext 2 and unplugged and no improvements, just garbled sound. aux in by itself is clear sounding.

Seems, the sound from bluetooth is very garbled no matter what.

In addition to the firmware updates, I've also tried about 10 resets/forgetting device/re-pairing, etc and no improvements.

Don't know if the 12 pin Vag-T cable i received may possibly be wired wrong.. here's the photos and if anyone has the diagram would be great as I'm hoping I don't have to wait several days/weeks to get this resolved. (pin numbers are faintly visible in the photos)


Other info is I've removed the cd changer from the car as suggested and plugged the vagt connection where that used to be.  The car happens to have the factory ipod/usb connectors though, which take precedene over the cd changer if connected, so not sure if that might cause the pinout to change.
  • If you are hearing AUX input for GROM module just fine then there is nothing wrong with the wiring harness.

    It may be something wrong with the Bluetooth portion of the BT3 unit. I would wait for Support to get back to you on solution.
  • thanks,

    very frustrated for what is supposed to be a plug and play product.   have been $%$ with this thing since 9am this morning.  12 hours wasted.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope that your issue will be resolved shortly.
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