Audio not playing on car stereo. Playing on cell phone instead

I've installed Dashlinq on my cell phone, gave all permissions requested and when I plug the usb cable on the device, it recognizes.
I set the car stereo on cd changer mode, the system says "USB" meaning USB is selected but when I play a music, it plays on the cell phone and not on the car stereo.

I've enabled/disabled debug mode but doesn't work.

I use GROM MST3 for Volvo and a LG G3 running Andoird 6.0
  • Can you try to exit the Dashlinq and play the music via USB streaming? the sequence:
    - exit Dashlinq;
    - open other music app;
    - play and see if you will get any sound from the speakers.

    The other thing to try is the flash drive. Place some music on the flash drive and try to play it via GROM-MST3 USB port. Here is how to set up the drive:

    See if you will get any sound.

    Also, MST3 is the older unit that has been discontinued about two years ago and replaced with GROM-MST4. Were you using it before, or did you just got it?

    Thank you.
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