How to use "Find my Car" feature with Apple iOS 10 and GROM Bluetooth Car Kit

If you have GROM Bluetooth Adapter for hands free phone calls and wireless music streaming (GROM-BT3), or GROM Bluetooth Dongle, you can easily use "Find my car" feature available for Apple iOS 10 devices.
All you need to make sure is that your phone is connected to GROM Bluetooth.

You need an iPhone 6 or later and iOS10 to use this Maps feature. Also make sure to:
1. Turn on Location Services in Settings ->Privacy->Location Services
2. Make sure that Frequent Locations is on Settings -> Privacy -> Location services -> System Services -> Frequent Locations -> Frequent Locations.
3. Turn on "Show Parked Locations" Go to Settings -> Map -> Show parked location

And make sure that you are paired to GROM Bluetooth in your vehicle.

When you leave your car, the iPhone will disconnect from GROM Bluetooth. It will alert Map to mark your vehicle location. You can also edit location of your car by opening in Maps and taping to the car's icon. 

  • edited December 2018
    Is this feature still supposed to work with the latest iOS release (iOS 12 on an iPhone 7)?
    I’ve been trying desperately to get the feature to work, as I’ve discovered it in another car - but in my Mazda Miata ‘06 (equipped with BT3 module since spring ‘14) it won’t save the location of or even just realize it’s connected to a car audio (it shows the bluetooth headset symbol in the status bar).

    Music playback and calling via bluetooth work like a charm, only this feature fails all the time.
    I keep wondering whether that could be related to an outdated firmware?

    Looking forward for your help!
  • Unfortunately the way IOS identifies if it is a car or not is through a combination of multiple bluetooth profiles all paired at the same time and with this combination assumes that it is connected to a car/vehicle or similar. The GROM unit does not need all the same profiles that is equipped in new factory vehicles so the phone will not identify it being a car
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