How to activate GROM car kit in my vehicle? (USB3, IPD4, BT3, MST4 Car Kits) - CD changer or XM

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One of the frequent questions is how can I activate my GROM Bluetooth Android iPhone and USB car kit in my vehicle?

The answer depends on your car stereo, and it is the same way as you would activate external CD changer or AUX device in your car. This applies only if GROM emulates External CD Changer (CDC) in your vehicle. It can be as follows:
- Press CD/Disc button;
- Press CD/Disc button twice - applicable to some Toyota and Mitsubishi stereos, if your stereo has build-in CD changer;
- Press AUX button;
- Press MODE button - some BMW

For the XM Emulation of GROM (when GROM replaces your SAT/XM radio), the activation is different and usually done via RADIO or XM button on your stereo. Please refer to the specific user manual that came with your GROM car kit for more information or check our documentation section:

If you are not sure what button to press to activate GROM car kit, please contact our tech support at We are happy to help!
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