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I recently bought a GROM-MST4 for my BMW E60 with CD-changer and so far its working well. As shown on pic1 a song is playing well:


When trying to scroll up (pic2) or down (pic3), the iDrive blocks further scrolling than to the edges of screen - as shown in next two pictures

image image

This behaviour is not limited to tracks but applies on folders too (pic4), where i can't scroll down any further although there are plenty of folders in that list:


My investigations to solve that problem so far:

1. My local reseller asked me if BMW specific code KMP3 is activated. Since I bought the car just a few days ago I really don't know it for sure - but songs are playing well and Grom is recognized as CD-changer, I can (sort of) scroll through CDs/folders and replay songs.

2. Tried different USB-sticks, nothing changed.

Other weird behaviours:

3. Yesterday evening and this morning a radio station played when starting car, even though I was listening to Grom, last time I left car.

4. Grom wasn't able to index a SSD with roughly 180GB of music on it in 25min. How long will that take?

Many thanks for your help in advance,
I really appreciate it.

Darkwing Duck

Sorry for bad picture quality - don't know how to do it any better with forum software. If propper pictures are needed please tell me...
  • Go over again how you have your USB flash drive setup.

    Make sure to have USB stick setup setup with 5 folders on the Root of USB storage stick.

    Label these folders, DISC1, DISC2, DISC3, DISC4 and DISC5
    These will be your virtual CD disc for the stereo to read.
    Do NOT have Empty Folders on USB stick as it will cause playback issues for GROM.
    In these folders you can create subfolders of Artists, Albums or however else you wish to organize music.

    Do NOT have music on ROOT OF USB, as GROM will not be able to read these files.

    Make sure also there are no hidden folders and try to keep USB exclusively for music 
    and leave unnecessary files such as Documents and photos off this same USB drive.
    Try also to limit the number of song files within folder to under 299. If need to have more music in "Playlist" then create another subfolders within Main folder on USB.

    Also make sure that the USB flash drive is in FAT file system structure, (i.e. FAT, FAT16 or FAT32)
    NTFS and exFAT is not supported.

    The GROM supports the follow file formats through USB stick

    MP3 layer 1,2,3 bitrate up to 320Kbps
    WMA (no DRM) bitrate up to 384Kbps
    AAC/MP4/iTunes+ (no DRM). Bitrate up to 384Kbps
    OGG/Vorbis bitrate up to 384Kbps
    FLAC up to 24 bits, 48 kHz     ***USB2P/USB3/MST3P/MST4 only

    Also see if using a FAT file sorter helps.
    Here is one we use with good results
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    Many thanks for your reply!

    All things you mentioned I considered before creating USB stick.
    - FAT32 formatted
    - 5 folders labeled as DISC1 to DISC5 
    - in those 5 virtual discs I organized my music
    - no empty or hidden folders exist
    - no folder with more than 299 files since I organize music in albums
    - only mp3 (320kbit/s) and flac files (16/44) are on stick (besides folders of course)

    Tried different sticks using other naming (e.g. as shown in manual: 01-XYZ to 05-XYZ) and still result is the same...

    What do I need that FAT file sorter for?

    Processed Fat file sorter - didn't help either.
  • What firmware version are you currently on?

    Navigate to DISC 6, Track 1 and read what that line displays.

  • That is actually the latest firmware currently.
    I am not sure what else to suggest then. 

    Recommend you fill out a support ticket for further assistance
  • To clear things up: it seems like there's a small badge of BMW 5 Series (build between 2006 and 2007) where you just need brute force to scroll further down and up. BMW changed that behaviour according to customer complains. 

    Many thanks for your effort though, I was simply to careful. My bad!
  • Thank you for the follow up!
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