USB streaming with noise and clicks

I am an owner of Grom AND2 device which I bought for my Lexus RX 350 (2007) some years ago (it seems in 2014)

I have satisfied with this device but there is one moment which is bothering me. I have tried to stream audio via USB from my Samsung S6 edge + phone (with newest update Android 7.0)  I tried to use DashLinq and many other Android USB players (for e.g. HiBy Music) But always the result is the same – I hear perfect quality music but with some frequently appearing clicks and noise. I have changed the USB cables, players in my phone still no result. After I have downloaded and installed new software (Ver.9.0) for my Grom and2 device. But Still no changes in the sound. Could anybody explain to me what the problem is here and how can I fix it?

  • Hello, since you own the GROM AND2 since 2014, did you just start to experience this problem? What kind of noise is that?
  • also, did you try to stream from the other phone?

  • Hi!
    Thanks a lot for quick responding. 
    did you just start to experience this problem? 
    I have used it only with my USB stick and aux input. I have never used usb streaming before.
    What kind of noise is that? 
    It sounds like old gramophone with dirty, scratched plate - the same strange noise which appears at high frequencies of sounds. It looks like problems with not synchronized sampling frequency between grom AND2 and smartphone. But I changed output sampling frequencies 44.1k, 48kHz, Native - no result, the same noice
    also, did you try to stream from the other phone?
    No, but I will try another phone. But I need to find it, because my wife hac iPhone)

  • How about if you use with AALinq or Dashlinq app?
    Also the firmware on your unit might be outdated for the latest version of Dashlinq. However I recommend you to give it a try,

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