How to figure out if your Volvo has 6-CD or Single CD

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It is not easy to figure out if your Volvo "waterfall style" stereo supports 6-CDs or Single CD. We receive this question often as visually the stereos look the same.
Note that the below information only applies to select Volvo with fiber-optic M.O.S.T. stereos:

Volvo S40 2005-2012 
Volvo C30 2006-2013 
Volvo V50 2005-2012 
Volvo C70 2006-2012 
Volvo XC90 2007-2013 
Here are the tips:
1. Start the CD changer by pressing the MODE or CD button .
2. Select an empty position using the 1-6 buttons or the up/down keys on the MENU NAVIGATION CONTROL. The display shows which positions are empty. Note that if such selection is not available, that means that the stereo only supports Single CD.
3. Insert a disc into the slot.
Playing a CD 
Start the CD player by pressing the CD button and inserting a disc in the slot. If there is already a disc inserted, it will begin to play.
The CD changer can hold up to six discs.

Press the CD button.Select an empty position using the 1-6 buttons or the up/down keys on the MENU NAVIGATION control. The display shows which positions are empty.Insert a disc into the slot (4).

Single CD player 

CD changer 

NOTE: Ensure that INSERT DISC is displayed before inserting a disc.

For Volvo with fiber optic stereos, 6CD, you will need GROM-MST4-VOLS604 model of GROM-MST4:

For Volvo with fiber-optic stereos, single CD, you will need GROM-MST4-VOLSO4 (or VOLSO4) model of GROM car kit.

Before selecting your GROM car kit always check Compatibility!

  • Hi .. I've got a 2005 XC90... it's definitely 6 cds but I can't work it out ... HELP !!! Thanks !
  • Hello Mary, with your stereo it is easy - you just need to unplug the optical wire from existing CD changer and then plug it into the GROM-MST4 car kit.
    If you keep experiencing the issues, please contact our tech support at

    Thank you.
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