Wirelinq Compatibility Updates

We will use this thread to keep you up to date with Wirelinq compatibility and limitations for select phones and vehicles.
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    As for November 6th 2017, Wirelinq is not compatible with:
    Pixel 2

    There is no incompatibility reported with the other phones, except One Plus 5 works with Wirelinq only with Dashlinq App.

  • Is there any estimate for when the Pixel 2 will be supported? Is it a hardware or software issue?
  • Pixel 2 is now supported if used with Dashlinq App and Disabled USB streaming. 
  • I have recently purchased the Wirelinq and using it with the Pixel 2. I am currently having some problems with the features of the Wirelinq as I will mention below:

    1) I am only able to change the song with my head unit or steering wheel control one time. Once I do, I lose connection within a couple seconds and I have to unplug and plug it back in to get it to start up again. So far I can only change music from the phone itself without making the Wirelinq fail.  

    2) When I switched between the local music plugin and the Spotify plugin, my Wirelinq failed and I had to unplug it and plug it back in again.

    3) When I change songs from the phone, there is an audible click/pop that comes from my speakers that I do not get with other USB devices ie. a flash drive.

    These are the only problems I have encountered so far but hopefully you can look into these issues.
  • Hello mitty,
    Thank you for reporting the issue, and we are sorry to hear about it. Can you please also let us know what your vehicle is?
  • I am currently using an aftermarket stereo (Pioneer DEH-80PRS). It works completely fine with USB flash drives and my friends' iPhones/iPods with full playback controls.
  • Please open the tech support ticket at https://gromaudio.com/support.html Tech specialists will be able to help. Thank you.
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    Have you tested the Huawei Mate 10 Pro with Wirelinq Remote / DashLinq?

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    Pixel 2 currently works with Wirelinq, ONLY with Dashlinq Plugins and USB streaming disabled in Dashlinq settings. To disable the USB streaming go to Dashlinq --> Settings --?Car Integration -->Disable USB streaming.

    This is due to the phone manufacturer disable of the USB streaming function in Pixel 2. Dashlinq music plugins include Spotify, Web Radio, Google Music and Local (stored on the phone) music.
  • I am thinking of buying a linq. Does it support the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on a 2015 Kenwood?
  • We have not tested such combination, however it should work if Kenwood stereo supports iPhone via USB.
  • Update regarding to Huawei phones compatibility. Huawei phones do not support USB streaming. Therefore Wirelinq Remote App will not work. The only option is to use Dashlinq and its plugins - Spotify, Web Radio, Google Music and Local Music.
    For more info please contact tech support at https://gromaudio.com/support.html
  • Is USB streaming completed unsupported on all Android Pie 9.0 devices?  Does that mean Wirelinq will only work with Dashlinq in this situation?
  • We do not have the reports that it is unsupported on all devices, but on some yes. And if there is no support for USB streaming, Wirelinq cable will work with Dashlinq plugins.
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