2001 BMW 330ci (E46) Harmon Kardon Business CD: BT3 Installed But Can't Connect

I was able to install my new GROM-BT3 in my 2001 BMW 330ci with the Harmon Kardon system (many thanks for the excellent installation video). I successfully connect via Bluetooth every time I turn on my Business CD head unit.

However, as the car didn't come pre-installed with a CD Changer, I can't find a way to engage the CD Changer settings to listen to music from my iPhone 7s Plus. Is there some setting I can make in the Business CD head unit, or some wiring adjustment I need to make in the trunk area?
  • So, just to clarify, you can't access the GROM mode (which in CD changer mode in your install), is that correct? 
    Does it have a CD button? If so - you need to press it. Sometimes twice. Alternatively if there is MODE button - press this one instead, until you are in CD changer mode (which is GROM mode).
    There is no any programming for CD changer needed for your stereo.
  • Hi Admin,

    So, just to clarify, you can't access the GROM mode (which in CD changer mode in your install), is that correct? 
    • Yes, that's right. The model 330ci I have didn't come with a CD changer installed.
    Does it have a CD button?
    • Yes, it does. I tried pushing the CD button twice (didn't work) and I can't find a MODE button on my head unit.
  • I recommend to open the tech support ticket at https://gromaudio.com/support.html The tech specialists will be able to help you.
  • OK ... tech support ticket opened. I sent one earlier, but got no reply so I applied to join this Forum.
  • Still no reply from Tech Support. Is there anyone else I can contact directly to address this?
  • Apologize about it. What is the ticket number so we can take a look what is the status of it?
    Also, sometimes the replies end up in the spam folder, so we recommend to check there.
    Well, after a couple months of trying to find the time, I just worked on trying to get my BT-3 finally connected to my BMW Business CD deck.

    The suggestion I was given from GROM was to T-splice the BUS wire, since those particular Posi-Taps typically don't work since the BUS wire is much smaller. I definitely followed the advice and made a very solid T-splice, wrapping the GROM wire around the exposed BUS wire, and cleanly wrapping it with electrician's tape.

    Annnnnnd ... no go. :-( 

    Granted, I'm able to connect my iPhone 10 XS MAX easily to the GROM via Bluetooth, but I still can't get my Business CD to show any CD changer functionality whatsoever. Clicking the CD button twice doesn't work at all. There's no Mode button on a Business CD, either.
  • So, does the music from your iPhone plays via GROM Bluetooth and through the car stereo now?
  • No. :-( The Business CD doesn’t act like a CD changer. The only thing it will play is from the single CD slot.
  • There should not be any issues. Please check with tech support via https://gromaudio.com/support.html Also GROM car kits come with one year manufacturer warranty. If you purchased the system from us, and it is still under warranty, we can also replace it.
    Thank you, and sorry for the difficulties with GROM equipment.
  • Was this ever resolved? I have an identical problem installing on my 2001 325ci. Same radio as well. Only difference is mine came pre-wires for CD changer /phone but those components were never installed. I have had a tech ticket open for a while but nothing is working. Any suggestions?
  • Does the stereo "see" GROM unit connected? Did you install at the back of the radio, or in the trunk? 
  • This is wired behind the radio. I used the application guide to select the unit.

    Is this the correct unit?

    I checked the wiring configuration 8 times and the BMW tech checked as well, it is wired according to the Grom BMW installation insert for BT3.

    At Grom recommendation, I reflashed the firmware 2 times (no change)

    The red lights come on as described in the Grom literature,

    I have paired and re-paired with my cell phone 4 times, and no change

    I now have the car at the BMW service center to check the radio to make sure it will communicate with a CD changer (or Grom unit). He states the factory radio and settings are correct, and will communicate with a CD changer (but cost me $300 more to confirm that).

    So now I am out of options (and without my car for more than 3 weeks) other than a faulty Grom unit? Any other conclusions, suggestions?

  • The radio never sees the Grom unit. Since it is a BMW business CD radio, with a CD button (instead of Mode button), when I get in th car or turn the ignition, the red light illuminated inside the Grom BT3 box, the iphone is paired , but no audio streaming, no hands free when I press the CD button. Rather, it shows No disc, then quickly returns to the station.
  • Please send us the photo of the stereo. If the stereo is CD43, it will not allow GROM to communicate. If there is something wrong with the product, it has one year warranty.

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