Audio EQ

I’ve installed a VLine 2 in my 2008 Lexus ISF. When I play music, the EQ is very bass heavy. I found the EQ settings panel where I can either select from several music style presets or create a custom setting. However, no matter what I do, there is absolutely no difference in how the audio sounds. Looking for some insight into how to adjust the EQ so it actually works.
  • Currently EQ is not working in VLine. Waiting for 8.1 version to fix that. In the mean time please use factory EQ. To adjust, press SCAN button 3 (three) times. Factory display will switch from VLine Interface into factory CD changer interface to adjust Audio settings.
    Press SCAN button 3 (three) times again to switch back into VLine Interface mode again
    This is also reflected in the install manual:
    Page 12
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