BMW 318i 1998 E46 - GROM BT3 doesn't show up after firmware update

Hi all,

The following occured; after installing the GROM to my car via the boot CD changer connectors it worked fine. Fine as in; I could make calls, listen to music and my steering wheels controls did partially work. (had to push next twice to skip tracks)

The screen did keep showing GROM or BT STREAM. I wanted it to show the song titles. Besides it didn't skip tracks after one push, but only after two times pushing the next button on steering wheel or radio. Lastly i couldn't go through my radio menu's cause the letters GROM keep reappearing and made the menu go away. e.g. trying to change balance would make me push multiple buttons, which i could for 1 second and then it terminated and GROM appeared in my screen.

Than the millennial inside me decided to try a firmware update hoping it would improve the functionality of the GROM. Without, of course, reading about firmware updates.

I used a 8GB microSD card. I know, the manual says; 'try with 4GB or less'. Well, it didn't update. The LED flashed fast and randomly for 2/3 seconds and than the LED was on for 2/3 seconds. And this repeats with no end. After unplugging the power and removing the microSD card i connected it again and it now just flashes on and off. I believe this could be a corrupt mode warning of the system.

I have 3 questions;
1. Is this indeed the corrupt mode?
2. Will a 4GB SD or less succesfully update the firmware?
3. Will this update make the issues mentioned above disappear?

Thanks in advance for any help on any of these questions!

Matthias Dankers
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