Bluetooth Hands Free settings in iPhone - toggle

You connected your iPhone to GROM Bluetooth, and the music plays wireless, however when the phone call comes in, you hit "accept" on your phone, but the call goes through the phone speakers and not the car stereo - what to do?

For the iPhone users, it is essential to define the Call Audio Routing source, when using GROM Bluetooth Car Kit, or any other car Bluetooth devices for the hands free phone calls.

iPhone’s default setting for the Call Audio Routing is set to Automatic. That means if the phone is connected to the car stereo via Bluetooth for hands free phone calls, and the user taps on the phone screen in order to accept the phone call, the call will be routed to the phone’s speakers and not to the car stereo speakers.

In order to prevent this from happening, and to route the phone calls through the car stereo speakers by default, no matter if the user accepts the phone call using the phone or car stereo button, the change in the iPhone Call Audio Routing setting is needed.

Go to Settings–> General –> Accessibility –> Call Audio Routing and select Bluetooth Headset

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