Audio problems with a BT3 intalled on a BMW Z4 2008 (no DSP no nav, no CD charger)

Hello all,

I have got some problems with the grom BT3 and I guess is related to the installation or the functioning of the BMWS cable 10 pins end.
I have done all the assembly, the telephone is paired, I can reproduce songs (the title appear on my busniness cd BMW radio) but no sound at all through out the speakers. I can receive phonecalls and my microphone works, but no sound at all through out the speakers.
I have read the forums and it seems that is related to the 10 pin instalation. 
I have tried all positions and no one give no sound at all. I understand that the right one is the one in the picture attached ( sorry I am not been able to upload it).
Any clue? Help is really appreciated.
Best regards
  • Hello Nestor, if your stereo does not have the CD changer or iPod connection, it most likely needs to be programmed for the CD changer at the dealership.

    Important Compatibility Limitation for select BMW vehicles:
    BMW X3 (E83) production date 09/05 and up with DSP without navigation, CD changer and iPod connection
    BMW Z4 (E85) production date 02/06 and up with DSP without navigation, CD changer and iPod connection
    BMW Z4 (E86) coupe production date 05/06 and up with DSP without navigation, CD changer and iPod connection

    These vehicles above do not require GROM DSP adapter (use analog DSP) and can be installed at stereo or trunk, but audio part will not work until the stereo is programmed (retrofited) to accept CD Changer (bmw calls it “vehicle order”). Please contact your local BMW dealer and ask them to retrofit the stereo to accept CD changer.

    If your car falls into the above range and has Navigation, CD changer or iPod connection, GROM will work without any reprogramming.
  • Thanks a lot for the answer, even functioning everithing except the sound it might be a reprograming issue?. Again thanks a lot
    Best regards
  • yes correct, it will be recognized but no sound. So you need to ask BMW to program the vehicle for the CD changer.
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