Huawei Mate 20 Pro + BMW Z4 E89


I can confirm Wirelinq is working for BMW Z4 E89 in combination with Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but only with Dashlinq plugins, not with Wirelinq Remote.

The weird thing is I don't have to check the "USB streaming disable", to work with its plugins, but also it doesn't work with external apps.

With Wirelinq Remote, the wheel controls work, also the text (not the album cover thou) but the sound will be output from the phone's speaker, instead of the car's audio.

I guess Huawei Mate 20 Pro is joining the growing family with Andoid 9.0 that has disabled audio stream.

Now I want to post the specific steps one have to do in order to make it work, because the process it is not exactly fool proof. However if you respect exactly these steps, will work 100%.

1. Insert the cable on the car's USB. The car discovers the device as WIRELINQ.
2. Insert the USB-C into phone. It will prompt you to install Dashlinq, click on the link, and disconnect the phone.
3. Install Dashlinq then plug again the phone, the phone will promt you if you want to open Daslinq and (MOST IMPORTANT) check the box to open it every time. If you don't checkthat box, it will not work, will ever find the device as iPod.
4. Dashlinq will open and ask you about permissions. Accept them all and allow it to push notifications. Wait a couple of seconds until the car will discover it. It will be discovered as iPod and WILL NOT WORK in this form.
5. Unplug the phone and re-plugg it. This time the car will discover the phone with his own name. Only now will work, but do not select it yet.
6. Start playing something (own music, web radio or Spotify etc) in the Dashlinq THEN select the name of your phone with the car selector.
7. Now you will hear the sound and usually the text and the album cover will show up. If is not showing up, push next and will show up for the next song and from now on.

If the wheel buttons with not work from start, go with the car's selector and search the music from within car's interface, not from your phone directly. Then play a playlist. The controls will work now, and from now on.

Best regards,

P.S. A VERY nice plugin would be interfacing Waze sound. It is the only thing that I really miss from the damn iPhone X - being able to play both Spotify and Waze through the car's speakers...

  • Wray, thank you for the write up. Yes, majority of the Android phones with Android 9 will not work with external applications, but are supported by Dashlinq plugins. Android decided to remove the USB streaming support. 
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