Slow Built-in steering buttons response and many random sound problems

Hi guys,

All the steering wheel media buttons have a very slow response with this product in my car. Normally I can change any track of radio channel within 0.1ms but with this product it takes approx 6 seconds before it changes anything. The only time it changes fast is when the track or radio is playing for at least 10 seconds already, as if it has been buffering.

Please assist me with this as if feels like the product is not fit for purpose. When changing tracks of radio through my phone screen and the dashlinq app, it all goes very fast.

Other than this the product and app have a lot of short stops and clicks while listening to songs in Spotify plugin and radio stations plugin.

I have updated the firmware to 44 and got the newest app from the store. I have tried every USB option there is and even tried disabling USB Audi routing in developer options of Android and in the dashlinq app.i have tried every combination possible but it's all the same. Slow response on car buttons and average quality link while listening. I have these problems with the plugins. Normally Spotify app does not even work at all with the cable, sound keeps playing on the phone speaker instead of car speaker.

Car: Skoda Octavia combi
Manufacturing date: 2014
Car media unit: Columbus MIB1
Phone: OnePlus 6
Phone software: Android pie
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