Vline2 8.1 Upgrade

Hi, I saw the upgrade requires a sd flash to do so, but strange requiring us to buy one?  Formatting a SD shouldn't be terribly difficult to do, particularly under linux that I use for everything, so is it possible to provide an image to write to a SD ourselves?

It's rather annoying after spending $600 on this unit that seems not to work more often and doing so, we should have to order some magical formatted SD to do this, just in hopes maybe you have fixed some of the other instabilities in the OS present in prior releases.  These really should be sent as a courtesy to current customers, as these were sold documented that these "would receive" 8.1, not that it "would come with a paid update a year later".

Or let us capable of DIY flash ourselves.
  • There are two reasons why the upgrade is only offered on Micro SD card:

    1.  8.1 is incompatible with 5.1 via OTA due to Security additions in Android Oreo and new 4.* kernel/bootloader. Therefore the upgrade is only available via MicroSD card.

    2. By providing the card ourselves we can ensure that the card is formatted correctly. Incorrectly formatted card can brick the unit and the user will have to send it to us for the restoring.

    Thank you.

  • Even if the SD card needs "special formatting", why not create an image file (with something like Win32DiskImager) en distribute it?

    If I would order the card I would get an additional $17 for shipping, since I'm in Europe. Including taxes I would have to pay about $40 for the update that was promised. :(
  • Good morning,

    I ordered, received and applied the SD card update to 8.1 for my VL2, and everything went as described in the instructions. However, I have found the following issues so far:
    • Bluetooth will not stay connected. It drops the connection repeatedly and holds it for no more than 30 seconds at a time.
    • There appears to be no Google integration: no Play Store app, no ability to sign into my Google account for Play Music or even the backup/restore function, therefore I cannot add any apps or functionality besides the built-in apps.
    • When I go through the system setup for the User and attempt to add/edit the current user, it only shows I am logged in as 'Admin.' When I try to add another user, the screen does not respond. When I try to edit the Admin (current user), it only allows me to edit the word 'Admin' but includes no way to add a Google account.
    I have only attempted a 'Factory Reset' since then, which made no difference. 

    Please advise what I should do. Thanks

  • Please contact tech support at https://gromaudio.com/support.html - they will help.

    Per Google Play store - you need to install GApps. Please see here:

    Thank you.
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