Infinite boot loop!

Purchased VL2 for couple weeks but I already go thru 3 boot loop incident. The first 2 times was saved by using an older firmware that was sent to me by the tech support. However the last one, current incident is not that lucky. The VL2 is in the loop for the whole week and still has not been fixed.
The latest suggestion is to factory reset by holding the Next and Previous on my wheel control, but I cannot do so because I can only select either Next or Prev on the steeling.
  • Please Help! I follow the the suggestion which holding Next OR Prev + Menu. No change.
    It is Day 10 and counting...
  • Hello Albert,
    Apologize for the troubles, please continue to work with GROM tech support, they will help.
  • I am having the same problems. Did you get assistance??
  • Great customer service. They got back to me immediately and remedied the problem. I was able to do it with their instructions within minutes. Thanks!!!
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