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I acquired my GROM box in the summer of 2010.  Since then, until the summer of 2018 I've had no problems with it and have been consistently using the same USB memory sticks for over 5 years.  Last fall I started experiencing difficulties when I would switch the GROM box to CD emulation.  The head unit would display the last track played, but no sound would come out of the unit.  Sometimes switching to radio then back to USB would work, and most of the time it would not.  Sometimes trying to start the CD emulation later on would work.  This has gotten progressively worse as time went on.

Initially, pulling the USB stick and/or disconnecting the GROM box from the Head Unit would work, re-setting the GROM box, but lately that doesn't work either.  As well, when you switch from radio to the CD emulator, you are supposed to get the "USB" announcement.  What I get now is the start of the "USB" announcement and the GROM box cuts out in the middle of the "S".  It displays "CD 1 - Track 1" on the head unit but otherwise appears to be 'dead'.  The light in the USB stick is on - so the USB stick is getting power.  Sounds like something inside the GROM box may have failed - a capacitor maybe?.  A switching I/C?  I've tested all the USB sticks and they work fine in other computers and devices. 

So... Has my GROM box reached its "End of Life"?  Is it 'Kaput"?  "Expired"?  Has it ceased to be?  

I guess that I should try a firmware update and see if that fixes it?  At this point, I'm not sure that the GROM box will even read an inserted USB stick with the firmware update
Just checked, and there is no firmware update for VW/Audi USB2 - it has been taken offline I'm assuming.  Where can I get the latest firmware to try out?  

Any suggestions for any of the above?
  • That is great! Thank you for the update.
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