How to install GROM Bluetooth Car Kit or Infotainment/Navigation System

One of the common questions we get is how to install GROM Bluetooth iPhone Android USB car kit or VLine Infotainment System into your vehicle. We have several resources that will help you to figure out the installation.

The most difficult part is to remove the stereo and display. You need to take the stereo (and sometimes display) out in order to access the extension ports located at the back of the stereo. If you are installing VLine into your vehicle, you will also need to access the display ports.

This requires technical ability and knowledge. If you are unsure about your technical abilities, we recommend contacting stereo shop that is in your area. Any car stereo shop can help you with that, or you can also use our authorized installer look up tool here:

If you decided to install your self, here are some resources that can be helpful:

1. The list of install and usage videos:

2. GROM YouTube channel:

3. This great website also has a lots of car stereo removal instructions:

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support at

Drive happy!
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