Issue with GromBT3 install in 01,BMW 325ci

2 weeks ago I installed the Grom BT3 unit in my 2001 BMW 325 ci. And cannot get it to work.

I have a Factory BMW Business CD, Harmon Kardon radio. It was factory wired for CD changer & phone, trunk & center console. But never had those components installed. It does not have Nav nor DSP. It has a CD button rather than a Mode button, but same location.

I have checked all wiring/pin connections 6 times, I ended up T-splicing and soldering the Bus wire. I have paired, unpaired and repaired numerous times.

The red light inside the unit comes on (steady), but I cannot get the music or phone to connect. For that matter it seems like there is no recognition of the Grom unit (or a CD changer)

I reflashed the Grom BT3 unit firmware, following the Grom instructions to the letter, (several times) It still doesn’t work and the symptoms are the same.

When I press the CD button (again- radio has CD button not Mode button). on the radio it displays “No Disc” then goes back to FM radio music.

I have never ever seen “DISC 1 TRACK 1” on my factory car stereo. As listed in section “2.5 Testing the Operation” on page 4 of the “Grom-BT3 Bluetooth integration to factory car stereos Hands free calls, Wireless Bluetooth streaming manual, Rev. 2.1, Copyright Grom Audio 2014.

Now what? I am stuck with my dash apart for 2 weeks. Any suggestions?
  • Info labels on radio:
    BMW Business CD
    6512-6. 909882
    BP0273 1 9705598
    FD171. Index 43

    Kommiss Radiolager
    Date 28.04.2001. 13:14:42
    LFD.NR. 53: 0370 DRVA:64

    BS33 CAB 325I Aus M54
    645 662
    6 909 882
    Bal: 0155137. US English

    Label On very back of radio :

    Per VIN: I have the following:
    S550A-On Board Computer
    S640A-Preparation f tel.installation universal
    S645A-BMW US Radio
    S662A-Radio BMW Business CD
    S674A-Hi FYI system Harmon Kardon
    S692A-Preparation BMW 6-CD Changer I-bus

    That’s all the info I have.
  • I am sorry, I didn’t answer your other question, yes. I have the BT3 unit, and BMW interface cables and connected it to the back of the radio.

    Thank you for he dialogue/help!
  • And no it does not see the Grom unit connected.
  • Can you please send us the photo of your stereo? You can email to support at
  • Please see ticket 37233, I have previously sent photos of the radio, connections, etc. If you can’t access them please let me know I will send them again.

    Thank you for trying to help me!!
  • Thank you for the info. We will check and get back to you via the ticket.
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