GROM BT3 - Installation in UK Jeep 2007 Cherokee - Not able to select GROM / CD Changer

Hello there

I've just installed GROM BT3 Integrated Bluetooth kit into a UK 2007 JEEP CHEROKEE KJ (LIBERTY)

The Grom appears to power up, as I can pair my phone to the bluetooth.

When I select the MODE button to select the CD Changer (CDC), I can hear a noise like a motor running, and then the Stereo reverts back to the previous mode (FM / AM Etc)

It's as if the Stereo cannot communicate successfully with the GROM.

I assume the Grom emulates the factory spec CD changer?

I've tried unplugging / reconnecting the cable between the GROM & Stereo, and also turning ignition on / off

Any ideas / advice?

Many Thanks


  • Hi Adrian, does the stereo see GROM connected as external CD changer?
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